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Reunions are done like any spur-of-the-moment bonding. With your High School friends who are in their adulting stage, you might want to show them how gorgeous you’ve been after four or five years after graduation. Some grew their long blonde hair longer than usual or put on soft & big curls from their bobcat hair way back Junior High School days. Some ladies also let their hair cut short and a skinnier body shape from their chubby and frizzy hairdo during their Senior High School years. Whatever you look before, they are still the same people whom they shared memories during those days. They are still the same lovely girls even though years have passes. The night before the reunion, you might be really wondering how to showcase your ‘new you’. Here’s some free and quick fashion advice you might want to take advantage of.


‘High School Nerdy Turned to a College Chic’

Nerdy looks are so cliche during high school as they still want to enjoy being kids. Some choose to be nerdy since they are part of the honor roll student club, school paper, or any achievers organization. But show them off that you are done with those nerdy days and bring out the inner chic in you. Put on this Sher One Shoulder Runway Top and Pants Set which comes in a glowing pink color. This has sashes tailored on the top with pencil fabric pants to complete the set for your look. Why not put on a Mendie resin Flower Gem Choker to highlight the chic personality in you.


‘Chubby Classmate Shows her Sexy back’

 Remember your chubby classmate way back High School? She is so skinny and pretty now. If you feel like showing your sexy back on your reunion, you may want to dress up with this Sara Layered Flounce Ruffle Bardot Crop Top and Short Set with a pair of Thia Sexy Pointed Strappy High Thick Heels. This look will surely astonish everyone with your skinnier collarbones and shoulders, perfect for the day out. Be ready for guys who are about to come at you and have a small chit chat. You might meet again your childhood crush, at least you get to have a fit lifestyle and amazing achievements in life.




‘Your Silent-type HS Classmate is now a Popular Figure on Social Media & College’

Every class has a silent type student. I think everyone can relate to that. I guess there are some points that these silent-types tried to go out loud not only to what they have on mind but also on how they look. But they are already boxed as silent type inside the campus. Now, here’s your chance to show them off what you’ve become. Yeah, I know. College life is your fresh new start and you did! Congratulations! You’ve spready your beautiful wings and became a trendy chic on the block. Since you’ve started your own trend in your Instagram and Facebook accounts, try to be flashier in your reunion look. Why not try this Meine Floral Printed Long Sleeve Crop Top and Shorts Set with a Maurie Chick Chunky Bubble Collar to complement the look? Once your Alumni photos gets uploaded in your High School social media account, you’ll surely get to have more followers and real-life friends because of your positive influence.



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