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When you start dressing up, it will definitely pent-up the mood you are in. A five-day and four-night city vacation tour is definitely a blast, but remember you might ruin the whole trip once you’re not in your perfect get-up. Another thing is, the get-up should not just be for a day or two, but for a whole week of escapade. I once encounter the dilemma, so I decided to put-up an easy and speedy guide just to be sure that I will be amazingly fab and chic.


1st Day of Trip: Getting Ready for the Week Escapade

After waking up with all that pent-up vacation mood in you, shine with your best smile and take a dip! Yeah, it feels so amazing to be somewhere else other than your regular Monday routine going to work or school. This is a perfect chance for you to take a deep breath and try not to think how stressful life is. Start the week escapade with a chic off shoulder crop top shirt for a warm day. You also should pair it up with an Alianna Vintage Floral Embroidery Skirts, a Paige Mini Velvet Tassel Clutch Bag and your favorite sneakers. If you really feel the vacation mood, an Armina Vintage Rimless Square Sunglasses is an eyewear to wear.


2nd Day of Escapade: More Site-seeing to Come!

 Yes, I know the feeling that you really have to rest after the travel jet-lag and a little tour. But this day will definitely give you more #feels to the escapade you are up to. After saving up for this tour, you must enjoy another scorching warm day in the city. Try to go for a light-printed Aleo Knitted Short Sweater with an Aryen Leather Suede High Waist Skirt. Also, don’t settle for the basic footwear but make sure to be on your ultimate comfort. Lace up your favorite flip-flops. This is an excellent look for a runaround on the mall or the marketplaces with your loved ones.


3rd Day of Tour: Wake up! This is your Cheat day.

 Congratulations, this will be your third day! But the vacation feels are still on you. You are still looking forward to more city site visits as soon as you open your eyes. This is the day you now delight with the stress-relieving cafes and bountiful restaurants. A breakfast look with your loose statement shirt and comfy Anda Low Waist Floral Tattered Denim Shorts is a match as your sip that aromatic coffee. After a three or four hour walk down the city lanes, try to grab that Josie Floral Maxi Dress. You also may want to slay the look with an Arnie Flower Printed Leather Messenger Small Bag and an inch-high comfy heels. Make sure to be ready with your white sneakers afterwards to your next destination. This will still look fit for that dress you’re on. A dinner at a local pub will finish the day right.


4th Day of Glam-up: Stay Cool and Relax! There is still places you need to visit.

 As your city escapade will is about to reach its conclusion, make sure to be ready for this day with a more relaxed outfit for the walks you’ll have. Afterwards, a friend’s night out is a perfect vacation-ending thing. Try not to go with pants or jeans or something you wear every day. Check this out of the box look. Go with an Ellen Cotton Black Mesh Leggings with your waist-long Dena Shrug Knitted Sweater Cardigan paired with a Shaendy Tassel Leather Crossbody Bag. Pocketed ones are highly recommended where you can keep your hands-on. Make sure that you are on the same color palette with your eye-shadows and blush to keep your look bouncy. Try to cut the trip short and rest a little before the night out. Bring out the inner chic in you the Allie Off Shoulder Knitted Dress for a more sophisticated night out look. Try to put on your inch-high wedge to complete the party atmosphere you are about to experience. Make sure to groove with the beat showcasing the glam up outfit you have.


Last Day of Tour: Happy Trip!

 You slain the past days of vacation week and you need to end with a bam! The five days and four nights of city escapade tour should end with a perfect a Bevern Off Shoulder Faux Leather Jacket, Femme Striped High Waist Denim Jeans and high-cut sneakers. Before heading up to the airport or to the transport station, take a selfie or groufie on the inn you’ve stayed for the past days. Head’s up because you are about to post photos on your social media account with those perfect get-ups you deserve.


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